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Mohd Talib


The success story of Mohd Talib, a young talent.....

from the town of Baheri, Bareilly Dist. makes us reconsider our notions about small towns of India. This gem from a small town in Uttar Pradesh, shows exemplary entrepreneurship and visionary skills.

Talib never fails to surprise us

With his multi-talented personality, Talib is all set to surprise us with the launch of his music videos named EYELINER and TU MERA JAHAN THA. This young talent makes us proud and restores our faith in the younger generation.

The young Actor And Casting director.

A man who has wings, doesn’t rest until he has the whole sky. Talib seemingly follows this principle religiously as we see his highly optimistic projects charging at us shortly.


His hard work and passion rewarded him, and brought him laurels in the form of “Best Event Organiser & Best BD of the Year Award” in 2016.
He also worked as a producer and casting director for some time, but somewhere his soul was unquenched. He knew, he was made for more.


As said “All it begins with, is one small step!”, Talib is all set to get the town talking with his upcoming projects:

The Seven Battle Stars

A reality show where all Indian states compete against odds, and seven finalists face each other in the Season Finale. The winners then step up to compete with Winners from the World and that marks the Grand Finale of the show.

Miss/Mrs/Mr Fabulous India

A beauty pageant with surprising twists and turns, to keep the participants on their heels all through the vie.