About Us

Mohd Talib, a young talent from the
town of Baheri, Bareilly Dist.makes us reconsider our notions about small towns of India. This gem from a small town in Uttar Pradesh, shows exemplary entrepreneurship and visionary skills.


A man who has wings, doesn’t rest until he has the whole sky. Talib seemingly follows this principle religiously as we see his highly optimistic projects charging at us shortly. In his highly ambitious project, he aims to launch his own video streaming OTT platform with the name BPFLIXTV. We are awed with his jaw dropping achievements at such a young age, and Talib never fails to surprise us with his new and yet more ambitious aspirations.


We often hear that try as hard as you want, because all you can do is effort. But what happens at the end is what the divine wants to happen. Something similar happened with our little champ. In the 3rd year of his Bachelor’s programme, he couldn’t resist his charm for the Glamour industry. He dropped college and resorted to the glamour industry to chase his dreams and leave his mark among the sky full of stars. Initially he took up the job of a BD for a Talent Hunt Platform, where he brushed up his skills and his faith in himself was restored.